Sunday, May 16, 2010

My secret addiction.....

Yes I have an addiction. Modern Cloth Nappies. I am trying to keep it under control and have promised hubby I will not buy more, unless I sell some to fund my new purchases. It is an all-controlling addiction. How is it related to me and my PND? makes me happy. At the end of a stressful day I take great joy in sitting down in front of the TV and carefully folding bubs nappies. Finding each corresponding booster and carefully doing up the snaps and pacing them in nice neat piles, ready to be stacked away in bubs room is somewhat relaxing for me. I love the soft touch of the minky and gaze adoringly at each individual print. I know, I sound strange, but they really do draw you in. Anyone else who uses Modern Cloth Nappies would understand. Oh and did I mention the joy I get from seeing them all hanging nicely outside on the line? According to the psychologist, apparently my addiction is just transferrance (hmm is that even a word?) or something like that from my depression but I disagree. I think I would be addicted regardless of my mental state.

The funny thing about being a MCN user is that you feel the need to convert the world. I have shown everyone I meet our lovely nappies and will go into great detail about the benefits of using them, you know save the environment and all that crap. But really, I use them because they are pretty and soft and brighten an otherwise dreary day. Plus, before MCN our wheelie bin was full waaaaaay before bin day and smelt horrible. One too many mid week dump runs to dispose of a garbage bag full of disposables really pushed me over the edge to find a better way.

So anyways, the point of my post (and I do have one) is that I am excited. My favourite nappy make has new prints AND a SALE!!! So it is time to cull the one's we no longer use or like and get some more. I am so excited just thinking about it. I love getting fluffy mail when my packages arrive at the door. And they just look so darn cute on bubs little tooshie! So now I am off to indulge in my addiction, and be HAPPY!

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  1. I do the exact same thing with my nappies at night. Usually in front of House. Enjoy being happy :)