Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I volunteered at my daughter's school this morning and it was an eye opening experience. I had no idea what to expect in a prep class as it is relatively new thing here in Queensland. She had been so excited for the last week and was counting down the days until I was allowed to "come to school" with her. I have learnt a few things from my experience.

1. Her teacher is FANTASTIC. The way she interacts with the kids and speaks to them fosters their respect, love and adoration for her. My daughter was always talking about how much she loved this teacher but my god, she just seems to have this way with them. She seems to think on their level, which in schooling is sometimes quite rare.

2. NEVER get the teacher angry. She has a very loud voice that echoes through the school blocks and strikes fear in those that cross her, despite the previous point of love and adoration.

3. My daughter is as goofy, social and dramatic at school as she is at home. Apparently she has all the boys wrapped around her fingers and flutters from one group of friends to the next. It was great to see her in this environment and she was so happy, independent and full of life an willingness to learn.

and lastly....

4. School toilets still stink like sewage treatment plants and the toilet paper is still as rough as sandpaper. Some things NEVER change.

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